Does calcification in thyroid nodules mean that you have cancer?

It depends. It depends upon the pattern of the calcification. "eggshell" calcification, where there is a thin calcific rim around the the nodule is not associated with an increased risk of cancer, while "microcalcifications" inside the nodule are associated with a much higher risk of cancer, 50-100%, compared to 5% for nodules in general.
Not necessarily. But calcium in thyroid nodules can be associated with cancer and its presence may increase the concern of your physicians and make biopsy and/or surgery more likely.
Not always. However we do worry about nodules with calcification more than other nodules as a significantly higher rate of being malignant.

Related Questions

Can calcification in thyroid nodules mean you have cancer?

No. However, certain patterns of calcification raise the risk that a nodule could be malignant. When in doubt, needle biopsy is advised.

Does calcification of thyroid nodules mean cancer?

No. But in the setting of a solid nodule they are a marker for possible cancer and often lead to needle biopsy.

What to do if I have a calcified thyroid nodule. Can it be thyroid cancer?

USG FNA. At first, most probably you should have ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration after consultation with your physician. Calcifications can be seen in benign nodular goiter. So, continue evaluation of your thyroid nodule, to rule out thyroid cancer, follow all tests what your physician ask you to do. Thanks for question. Stay well.
Possibly. Calcified thyroid nodules can be either benign (i.e. Not cancerous) or cancerous. More important is the pattern of calcification and if it is changing over time (i.e. Getting larger) on ultrasound. If there is any concern for cancer, your doctor may recommend a "fine needle aspiration" or fna (a type of biopsy) just to be certain.

My 54 year old sister has 2 thyroid nodules that are heterogeous and calcified. Is this cancer? How serious is this?

Depends. She should have an ultrasound an needle biopsy. Calcium in nodules can be associated with cancer. Best to have it evaluated.
Biopsy. The nodules should be assessed by ultrasound and then biopsies done as indicated. Without biopsies everything is speculation.