Wat are all the causes for frequent headaches like cluster and tension headaches? Don't know why I get headaches that comes just about everyday, help.

Several reasons. There are several reasons behind the occurrence of head pains ranging from genetics, muscle contractions, stress, sleep disorders, teeth grinding, trauma, and different medical illness. The exact causes of headaches aren't known. From the sounds of it, you probably have tension type headaches.
Many reasons. There are many different types of headaches and many types or causes, often a combination. It can be hormonal, nutrition, infection, neck related, teeth related, tmj/tmd, etc. You should not give up. See someone and hopefully it can be managed without meds.
THERE IS NOT. Enough characters available in this system as it is to answer your question properly. But I am sure someone will try. Ultimately, you need to see your doctor or a neurologist for proper diagnosis and treatment please.