At what age should I start getting mammogram with a close family history of breast cancer?

10yrs earlier... ...Than the age of diagnosis of any close relative with breast cancer, or at age 40 (whichever age is lower). As an aside, you may want to clarify with a breast doctor just how high your risk is for breast cancer. Most cases of breast ca are environmental, not hereditary. People have a tendency to assume more risk than may actually be present.
You need to have. a comprehensive risk profile performed, which takes into account your family history and other factors. If you are of average risk, age 40. If you are at higher risk, screening may begin sooner. Speak with your doctor about it.
Depends on age. In order to answer this question, we need to know the age at diagnosis of the relative and how this person is related to you. You can seek out a breast center or breast specialist who can do a risk assessment and follow you in a high risk program.
If there were. (and there are) non-xray based, effective means of screening dense breasts, there would be reason to screen early. Women exposed to hodgkin's disease come to mind. Circular array prone breast ultrasounds fulfills these criteria, not fda approved. Otherwise, it's age 40 for the insensitive, low dose, squeezing mammography that is fda approved.