How long is recovery time after breast reduction surgery?

It depends on activi. Most people can be up and about the day after the surgery. Off pain meds in a week and able to play tennis in 6 weeks.
Few weeks. Every patient experiences a different recovery “time” after breast reduction surgery. Most patients are over the “hump” approximately one week after the procedure is performed. I ask patients to avoid heavy lifting/strenuous activity for approximately one month after the procedure. Despite this recovery time, patient gratification is almost instantaneous after this operation.
Not long. My pts leave the hospital the same day often w less pain than they had preop. Waterproof dressings allow for no interruption in showering but immersion in water is out for a few wks as are shock-inducing sports housework such as sweeping etc holding kicking toddlers&physical employment. Office work can beresumed as soon as pt feels up to it- often with in a day. Go out to eat the evening of!