Just got breast reduction surgery, when can I start being appealling sexually again?

Hard to Know. As you know, feeling “appealing sexually” have both physical and psychological components. Therefore not possible to give you a precise answer. However, at least from the physical standpoint, your plastic surgeon will be your best guide when the breasts can be manipulated safely postoperatively.
Beast reduction. 4-6 weeks swelling down nipples in six weeks sensation should be coming back. You also can massage.

Related Questions

How long should I wait to be sexually active after a breast reduction?

2 weeks. Length of time is as variable as the individual patients having breast reduction. With average cases, resumption of reasonable sexual activity will be able to start within two weeks.
4 to 6 weeks. I perform close to 200 breast reductions a year. The complication rates are low and often activity related. Inhave seen a patient return to surgery three weeks after her reduction due to sexual activity. It isvavrare event but a good surgeon learns from experience.
Common sense. Usually 5-7 days is adequate, but remember to use common sense and take it easy.
Healing time. It is generally recognized that it takes one full month for your tissues to mend to 75 percent, and 90 days to heal to their maximal amount of 85 percent. Thus, I usually recommend one month.
It's up to you. You can return to sexual activity (gently and excluding the breasts) whenever you feel up to it. Recovery from a 3 hour procedure, discomfort, and the use of pain medications will significantly reduce any interest in sexual activity. The patient should pay attention to her body's signals, and she will know when she is ready, with the above limitations. About 1 month for sex with no restrictions.

Should I wait before doing sexual activities after a breast reduction?

Yes for at least 2. Weeks. After that, I have my patients wait till they are comfortable enough to have sex.
Better to wait. Wait until your doctor says it is ok. You need to let things heal at least before any breast play. :).
Yes. Yes, best to avoid “manipulation” and/or contamination of the breasts until “cleared” by your plastic surgeon.

Why do I have to avoid sexual activity after a male breast reduction?

Restrictions postope. In general after this type of surgery your surgeon will want you to avoid most physical activity including sexual for a few reasons: 1. To avoid trauma to a recently operated field; 2. Any activity that increases the blood pressure and heart rate may increase the risk of bleeding; 3. To allow the tissues ideal healing.
Talk to your doctor. The surgeon responsible for your coplications will want to control your risks.
Avoid Complications. Avoidance of “sexual activity" may be part of the postoperative instructions after male reduction surgery for a variety of reasons. Direct contact with the surgical area may cause complications. An elevated heart rate or blood pressure may also be problematic. Of course, your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to precise answers and recommendations. Best wishes.

Why do I have to avoid sexual activity after a male breast reduction? I heard that I would have to abstain from sex for several weeks after my male breast reduction. Why would I have to avoid sexual activity for 4 weeks if I'm allowed to return to work af

The. The issue is one of raising the blood pressure and causing delayed bleeding that can for a hematoma.
This. This is the choice of the doctor. I think you could go back to having sex after 2 weeks but every doctor is different and I would follow his/hers instructions. Www. Beautybybrueck. Com.
Ask your doctor. Individual situations require individual solutions.
Ask Surgeon. Best to ask your plastic surgeon. Generally, in my practice returned to sexual activity can occur in 7 to 10 days. One concern might be the potential for bleeding with an elevated blood pressure that can occur during sexual activity.

Does breast reduction surgery hurt much?

Not particularly. Women with overdeveloped breast generally seek surgery to relieve pain. With surgical reduction, the pain from the weight of the large breast is immediately and permanently relieved: many women leave the hospital with less pain than they had when they came in!
No. Most women seeking breast reduction surgery are in significant neck, shoulder and upper back pain already. After surgery, they usually experience an immediate sense of relief, not a large amount of surgical pain.
Surprisingly little! Compared to breast augmentation, breast reduction patients don't experience as much intense pain and chest muscle stretch. Many compare it to the sensation they experienced upon lactation when the breasts are congested. Tenderness along the junction of the breast and chest wall is rapidly relieved with mild analgesics.

What should I do after breast reduction surgery?

Ask you Surgeon. Every surgeon has his/her own way of advising their patients. I suggest you contact your surgeon. Generally speaking, most patient should refrain from vigorous activity for 4-6 weeks following surgery and wear a support bra.
Follow instructions. Your plastic surgeon will have a detailed set of instructions for you to follow after breast reduction surgery. These instructions will vary from one practice to another. General instructions will include a period of rest, ambulation, avoidance of nicotine products, avoidance of strenuous exercise/lifting and close follow-up after the procedure. Best wishes.
Take it easy. 1. Follow your surgeon's directions. 2. Don't smoke. 3. Report any problems related to your incisions to your surgeon. 4. Don't do any upper body exercises until given the ok by your surgeon.

Help please! Is breast reduction surgery painful?

Yes. Any type of surgery involves an incision and is therefore associated with pain. The amount of pain experienced is different for each patient.
Surgery is an injury. That begin said, the discomfort after breast reduction surgery is usually well managed with ice, elevation and oral pain medication. Many of my patients who have chronic lower neck and upper back pain due to large breasts feel better immediately after surgery. If you experience breast pain with your menstrual cycle, you are likely to experience more discomfort than someone who does not.
No. Generally, most patients do very well after breast reduction surgery. This operation tends to be less painful than other operations such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck surgery. Most patients require pain medication for approximately one week after the procedure. Generally speaking, breast reduction surgery tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations performed.

How do I know if I need breast reduction surgery?

Are they too large? 1. Do you feel they are too large for you? --- 2. Do you get back and or shoulder pains from their weight? > if the answer is yes to any of these two questions, you should see a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss with him/her and decide about the breast reduction surgery.
Seek Consultation. I would suggest that you seek consultation with board certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you would be please with. Discuss concerns and goals and learn about the potential risks/complications associated with the procedure. Generally speaking, for the appropriate patient, it is one of the most patient pleasing operations performed.