Is breast reconstruction done the same way as a cosmetic job?

Similar . Breast reconstruction is now as detail oriented as cosmetic surgery. We can hide incisions, improve the shape of reconstruction, and has many similarities to cosmetic surgery. Differences have to do with the physiology of the cancer patient versus a true cosmetic patient. The risks, tissues, and requirements are different in cancer patients. Insurance covers cancer, cosmetic is a cash service.
Insurance covered. Breast reconstruction surgery is a common surgical practice to help restore and recreate a woman's breasts following a mastectomy for breast cancer. Surgical techniques may use implants or a patient's own tissue to recreate the breast. Also, most women don't realize that breast reconstruction is covered by health insurance, rather than being a cosmetic operation you would have to pay for.
Yes and No. The technical aspects and details of the procedure are different in many/most cases. But the care, attention to detail and surgical expertise should be the same. Contact plastic surgeons who are certified by the american board of plastic surgery (www.Abplsurg.Org).
Breast reconstructio. There are several answers one is depends if you have enough skin that we can insert a tissue expander which you would come in weekly to get saline placed in it to expand the skin. After 6 weeks we place the implant.
Breast cancer. Breast cancer and reconstruction from cancer are much different procedures compared to breast augmentation for instance. Reconstruction is necessary when the majority if tissue is removed after mastectomy. This is covered by insurance thanks to the 1998 women's health right act. Implant based reconstruction is the closest to augmentation but it is far more difficult to to mimic the shape of breast.