Breast. Enlargement in men. Is it inevitable?

Pubertal yes w/ age? While up segal gynecomastia is inevitable in pubertal boys and may occur in as much as 80% of teenage men, it tends to resolve in most. Thereafter, many other f actors will determine the persistence or recurrence of the breast fullness. Genetics, weight gain, male "menopause", aging, medications and many other factors will play a role in this.
Gyneomastia. I personally perform 2 a week men like to wear t shirts in summer, we basically take out the breaks tissue, along with lipo to the flank area, they will wear a chest garment for about 4 weeks.

Related Questions

Is it true testosterone injections can cause hair loss breast enlargement in men is it reversable if stopped the injections?

Yes and no. Testosterone therapy needs to be done by qualified doctors that understand side effects and how to mitigate them. Both effects you mention can happen and are not usually reversible but treatable with appropriate intervention.

Is use of mastogenic herbs breast enlargement in men such as saw palmetto effective?

No. Herbal medications have not been shown to be effective because they are not regulated and their manufacturing is not regulated. The primary way to get breast enlargement is through prescribed hormonal use. I recommend you find a physician that specializes in transgender medicine for the optimal and safe results.
Herbal breast aug? Any herbal supplements possesing estrogen like properties have the potential to promote breast growth. For example marijuana is known to stimulate the growth of breasts in men. Similarly, claims about fennel, fenugreek, red clover, saw palmetto & wild yam may also simulate estrogen like side effects. In addition to those mentioned. The potential for stimulating breast cancer growth is not clear.

Does evening primrose promote breast enlargement in men?

See below. Doubtful, but other medications can do this as well as chronic alcohol consumption or anything that causes a high amount of estrogen in the boday.

Is? There breast enlargement? Method? That makes the? Chest bigger but you still look like a man?

There is. There is a male pec enlargement with silicone.
Poland's syndrome? This depends on whether you have a normal pectoral is muscle to begin with. If yes, pectoral is enlargement with exercises, fat injection or implants can be used. If no pectorals muscle is present, the above methods may be used but on occasion latissimus muscle transfer may be recommended.

How safe is mammorex for a man for breast enlargement? Increasing breast size, flat chested, don't like way look don't want surgery

Unknown. These types of herbal substances are not regulated by the fda and they do not go through the strict standards required of approved medications. Surgery could be an option but you should ask for referrals from friends/relatives. Get multiple opinions and ask to see pictures of results.