Does our pcp need to follow pediatric cardiology recommendations?

Yes. The approach to a child should be a team approach with the pediatrician as the medical home. Recommendations made by specialists should generally be heeded, but any concerns should be discussed. For example, pediatric cardiology uses specialized drugs like Lasix (furosemide) which should not be discontinued without speaking to them. Also some drugs can worsen heart rhythm disorders and should not be prescribed.
No. It is rare, but if a primary doctor disagrees with a specialist opinion, then they do not need to do something they think is not in the best interest of their patient. It is always best when everyone is on board with the game plan, and a discussion amongst the doctors and patients should resolve most conflicts.
Nope. . If a pcp disagrees with a specialist's recommendations, they may want a second opinion from another specialist. There are several pediatric cardiology programs in chicago. You might seek an opinion from someone at a different program.
Cheers. He does not NEED to but it is common practice to listen to the specialist and use his recommendations unless the PCP thinks the Specialist is a total quack Cheers C.
Absolutely! Yes, yes, yes... The reason sub-specialties exist is there is too much information for any primary care physician to keep up with. There should be information and data behind all "recommendations." recommendations from a pediatric cardiologist should be followed for safety... Ask the pcp and the pediatric cardiologist to explain the reasons for the recommendations and risks.