Is a hospitalist a different medical specialty?

Yes and No. . While many doctors of internal medicine and some family practice physicians have worked as hospitalists for years, there is as of 2010 a board certification that sets us apart as hospitalists with focused practice in hospital medicine. (abim) we as professional hospitalists work toward improving care both in the hospital, but also the "transition" of care and quality and processes in the hospital.
Hospitalist. A Hospitalist is a hospital-based Internist. A specialist in the acute management of the hospitalized patient. Nowadays there is specialty training for Hospitalists.
Hospitalist. Hospitalists are specialized physicians who take care of inpatients. They may be internists for internal medicine patients, pediatrist for children and surgeons for surgical patients? They coordinate the care and upon discharge they contact the primary care physician and update the details. Not much of a difference. It is tending to be a different speciality.