What ingredients come in total parenteral nutrition?

All nutrition.. Total parenteral nutrition consists of all the nutritional requirements needed for bodily function. It includes carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, etc in the right proportions for the individual patient.
SPFVM. Sugar in the form of dextrose Fat Protein in the form of amino acids Vitamins are added- Minerals such as selenium are added You could survive the rest of your life on TPN and some do- Its all in there You would however have to monitor liver function as TPN has been known to cause liver congestion.
Total . For when you cannot or should not use the gut for nutrition. Contains fluid, fat (lipids), concentrated glucose, Amino Acids (purified protein source), vitamins, mineral, trace elements. Can maintain people who are nutritional cripples, in good nutritional state, for up to decades. Needs monitoring- can cause infectious, metabolic complications.

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How is total parenteral nutrition usually given?

Through a vein. Enteral typically means thru your gut or intestine whereas parenteral means any way besides your gut/intestine. Therefore, parenteral nutrition is food typically given through veins. Due to nature of this kind of food, you can't put it thru a small vein like on back of your hand. It has to go thru a major vein, say in your neck, under your collar bone, etc. But since it'll be a while, we use picc. Read more...

Why would any child need total parenteral nutrition?

Intestinal problem. Tpn is nutrition given via an iv. It is quite tricky, and only used in cases where the intestinal tract is very, very impaired. Read more...
GI tract problems. If a person can not absorb nutrition from their intestinal tract, they get it into their veins as total parenteral nutrition. Sometimes its given while the intestinal tract is recovering or for additional calories in children who cant get all the calories they need through their intestinal tract due to their disease. There are conditions where children are totally dependent on TPN. Read more...