Who qualifies for palliative care?

Serious illness! Anyone with serious illness and symptoms, stress, or the need to consider goals of care. Palliative care is appropriate at any stage of illness and can be given along with disease-modifying treatments, like chemo.
Current peer. Reviewed research urges incorporating comfort care with cure measure at diagnosis, but recognizing the time to abandon futile efforts reuires humility, honesty and bravery in doctors, and focuses onwhat provides patient value rather than another regimen with more chance of toxicity than comfort.
Life-limiting. Patients with life-limiting conditions, such as cancer, or advanced heart/lung/liver/kidney/neurological diseases. They may have symptoms that are difficult to control or need to discuss treatment options. Patients with chronic pain problems for other reasons are not appropriate for palliative care and should be seen by pain specialists or physicial medicine and rehabilitation specialist.