Are family physicians trained in alternative medicine?

Not Necessarily. The basic requirements for family medicine training are uniform around the country and there is little required training on alternative treatments. However, specific training programs may provide more background and training in this area.
Alternative Medicine. Most family physicians have some training in alternative medicine but only some of them practice it.

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Are family physicians be trained in complimentary or alternative medicine?

Mostly not. The definition of complimentary and alternative medicine is slippery.I am a D.O., doctor of osteopathic medicine, and many M.D.'s consider my practice of manipulation, and philosophy of body self healing to be apocryphal(not accepted).I adhere to evidence based medicine as much as any dr.-but even the evidence isn't that firm.We learn more even day.Gsk told use Paxil (paroxetine) was safe in kids, not. Read more...