Can polycystic ovarian disease cause a woman to be overweight?

Yes. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (pco) causes the body to respond less well to insulin, so that higher Insulin levels are needed to keep glucose (sugar) under control. These higher Insulin levels can make people feel hungrier than usual so they eat more, and make it easier to gain weight.
Yes. Pcos is related to Insulin resistance which when consuming simple sugars ( white breads, white pasta, and idaho potatoes), will lead to the calories that are produced to be transferred to fat stores easily. To help reduce weight try to eat foods that are in the low glycemic index category.

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Underactive . Underactive thyroid which can cause sleep apnea comes to mind. That could explain low energy and cramps and fatigue and sleepiness. Not sure about the leg pain. By the way, for most people B12 pills work fine see my post below. You simply will need some lab tests and a physical and neurologic exam to be sure of what's going on. Your health is important. You can get an idea of charges/cost by calling ahead. Lots of docs can do lab tests at reduced charge. Hypothyroidism is more common in those with B12 deficiency. Good luck. Read more...