Are family practice doctors trained to manage epilepsy or do I need a neurologist?

Could be an issue. Would certainly recommend a neurologist to diagnose, and characterize the seizure type, and qualify the variety of potential triggers. Once a successful medicine has been chosen, and the patient is fully controlled, the family doctor could easily manage medications, and the patient would only have neurology followup if problems with meds or more spells.
Family practice . Family practitioners usually/often consult a neurologist for new onset seizures. Unless they are poorly controlled a family dr should be able to follow most pts.
Depends. It depends on the family practitioner and the complexity of the epilepsy. I think the patient should be initially seen by a neurologist, but if seizures are well controlled on a single drug with no side effects further follow up can be with family practitioner. Patients treated with multiple drugs or if seizures are poorly controlled or surgery is being considered should see a specialist.
Available consult. Not all neurologists do well with complex epilepsy. There are now epilepsy centers with epilepsy specialists for very complex cases. Simple cases well managed with one medication only need primary care. However, an available epilepsy consultation is appropriate. Often eeg interpretation and phone consult is all that is necessary.