Can complex ovarian cysts cause polycystic ovarian disease?

No. The term complex ovarian cyst indicates that an imaging study, usually ultrasound, shows a cyst with internal echoes, septation, or irregular or thickened cyst walls. They should be aggressively investigated as some of these cysts may be cancerous. Polycystic ovaries are usually enlarged and contain multiple small cysts just under the surface of the ovary. They mainly produce hormone imbalances.
No. Complex ovarian cysts do not cause pcos. However, patient with pcos may have complex ovarian cysts, although it is not very common. It is highly recommended for patient with complex ovarian cysts to be examined and monitored closely. Because it has an increased risk of ovarian cancer.
No. That would be like saying that pimples cause acne. Complex ovarian cysts may be one of several manifestations of polycystic ovarian syndrome (pco). Others can include few (or no) periods, hair growth on the face/body, weight gain, dark patches on the neck and underarms, and higher blood sugars.