How hard is it to get a fellowship in sports medicine for a family practice doctor?

They're Competitive. There are typically 10-20 applicants per spot for most fellowships. Really depends on the merits of the program. My best advice for someone trying to get one is to do a rotation with the program your interested in an then continue to show up at event coverage, mass physicals etc. Make sure they know your serious and dedicated. As a fellowship director i always found dedication impressive.
High match rate. You can consult the national match program for precise statistics, but approximately 80% that apply for the match for a sports med fellowship are accepted into a fellowship. The large majority that go into these fellowships have taken additional sports med/ortho electives during residency, volunteered for sports med activities and attended sports med conferences.
Family practice . Why do you ask. Are you a dr or just curious. You could call around. It really all depends on your résumé .
Depends. While it depends on the individual and one's credentials, if you are asking specifically about family practice physician vs. Other specialties, family practice is a good field to be in if applying for sports medicine fellowships as there are many primary care sports fellowships out there.

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How hard is to get a fellowship in sports medicine (as a family physician)?

It is not hard. You have to keep in mind this the medical part of sport medicne not the surgial part of it. Read more...
Competitive. Another physician implied that because it was not surgical it was easy to get a sports medicine position. I am really not sure what was meant by that comment. Please know that the primary care sports medicine training programs that are accredited and what you want to go to are competitive. The advantage you do have over orthopedics is that there are 112 accredited fp sports programs vs. 95 ortho. Read more...
Depends. It depends on where you want to go, how popular the fellowship is, and your cv/stats. Many programs/clinics/hospitals have only 1 fellowship spot in sports medicine, therefore these are highly competitive, especially in the big cities or at particular hospitals/clinics. Some may have more, but for most you can count the number of spots on one hand. Read more...