Is it dangerous if I got a flu shot while I was sick with a sinus infection and was one antibiotics?

Probably not. But there is some evidence that getting a flu shot when you have an illness with a fever might make the flu shot less effective. Best idea is to wait until you're better.

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Sinus infection with ear dysfunction. Not on antibiotics due to prior cdiff. Can I take flu shot while on nasacort. Low immune system. Age 61.

Should not matter. It should not matter whether a person is using Nasacort or not. Such a person should get the annual flu shot, if there is no other reason why he should not get the shot. Nasacort usage does not change one's decision about a flu shot.

Had had sinus infection post-flu since Jan. Antibiotx not stopping it. What conservative treatments can ENT offer? Any home remedies I can try yet?

ENT can. Perform sinus irrigation, or you can try on your own. But five months is a long time. It is time to get definitive treatment. It is also possible you might have developed a polyp or other physical deformity.

Can flu shot weaken your immune system to where you can catch sinus infections? My wife thinks that she want me to try just one year to go without

Urban myth! Influenza immunization has no effect on the immue system, except to help make the recipient immune to flu. It doesn't cause a minor case of influenza, fever, or anything like that; and it doesn't raise the chance of sinusitis or anything else. It is irresponsible to not get vaccinated against flu on account of such things. OTOH, we're almost at the end of flu season, so it may be too late to help.