What are treatments for cirrhosis of the liver?

Transplant. Only real treatment is transplantation. That being said things can be done and medications prescribed that help minimize or manage systemic effects.

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Tell me about treatment for cirrhosis of the liver?

Depends. Most cirrhosis in the world is caused by either hepatitis b or hepatitis c, and both of these viral diseases can be treated with antiviral agents. In addition, blockage of the main vein to the liver is serious, and can be treated with drugs and/or surgery. Other kinds of cirrhosis (primary biliary, autoimmune) can also be treated. In severe cases, liver transplant. Alcohol must be avoided always!

My mother has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. What would be the best treatment?

See below. Cirrhosis of the liver is due to irreversible fibrosis, loss of normal architecture and loss of liver cells. It can be due to many reasons and treatment is usually supportive care. See this site for more info. Http://www. Webmd. Com/digestive-disorders/cirrhosis-liver.

What are the treatments for liver cirrhosis?

See below. Cirrhosis is a disease caused by many different entities and the treatment depends on the reason for the cirrhosis to begin with. If the cirrhosis is well formed and advanced the only realistic treatment regardless of cause is a liver transplant.

Hep c cause Cirrhosis stage 4grade1 treatment cured from hep c, Can Cirrhosis still progress and keep scarring the liver after been clear from hep c?

Yes. Unfortunately cirrhosis is an irreversible process and some of the inflammatory activity that leads to scarring of the liver may proceed in absence of the virus (autoimmune mechanism). However, getting rid of the virus at least removes the initial or major cause of inflammation and thus may slow down the entire process.

I have a 1.2cm hypoechoic nodule/leison on left lobe of my liver. I also had hepatitus c and completed treatment. Also have cirrhosis & fluid building?

Needs Evaluation. The combination of hepatitis c and cirrhosis puts you at increased risk for development of hepatocellular (liver) carcinoma. The nodule in your liver might be nothing but the only way to be sure is a biopsy. Needle biopsies are usually done as an outpatient procedure under ultrasound or ct guidance.
What kind of imaging. Did you have? I would only consider biopsy if a good triple phase CT and/or Eovist MRI were equivocal in the diagnosis. Agree that you're definitely at risk for HCC so this needs close f/u.

Does antibiotic damage liver? My grandma have cirrhosis gastric ulcer and gastritis? How to treatment?

Which antibiotic? No medication is without potential side effect. Work w/your (grandma's) doc to determine if desired benefit exceeds potential risk. Some medications, such as paracetamol, are dangerous to liver in high doses. Others harm kidneys or stomach lining. Ask prescribing doc which medications are being used. Then search reputable references such as www. Drugs. Com & www. Epocrates. Com, etc. Good luck!

What treatment or medication can you suggest for a patient diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, (already had an enlarged heart, gallbladder stones & ascites?

Meds for cirrhosis. Not much to offer, other than liver transplantation. These classes of medications help somewhat - diuretics, some beta blockers and lactulose. Tips is a procedure that is done for alleviating portal hypertension in cirrhosis.