What does an elevated alpha fetoprotein in pregnancy mean?

Increased tesing. An elevation of the Alpha fetoprotein test should alert your doctor that there may be an increased risk of genetic abnormalities such as down's syndrome in the baby. Pregnant women are offered a more detailed ultrasound test looking for signs of genetic problems & are usually offered an amniocentesis which lets you know the chromosomes of the baby. Down's is also known as trisomy 21.

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Testing in pregnancy showed elevated alpha-fetoprotein. What does it mean?

Alpha feto protein. An elevation of Alpha feto protein between 15-18 weeks in pregnancy may be asign of a defect in the forming fetal spine( neural tubr defect). It requires a specialized ultrasound imaging to rule out the above possibility. You must speak with your doctor and seek adequate care. Read more...

What are alpha-fetoprotein tests in pregnancy for?

Screening. There are now four tests (quadruple screening) looking for the risks of down's syndrome, trisomy 18 (lethal for babies) as well as neural tube defects such as spina bifida, meningomyelocele and hydrocephalus. Read more...