Why is there irregular bleeding in perimenopause?

Hormonal changes. Around menopause, some of the hormones in a woman's body which normally vary in a very predictable way start to change. The fluctuations are not as normal, and sometimes may not even occur. Ovaries produce less estrogen and the brain senses certain changes and tries to compensate. This in turn can affect bleeding patterns. Bleeding can be closer together, farther apart, heavier or even lighter.
Hormones. Hormonal changes can cause those symptoms, but you should see a doctor for an evaluation, .

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I am 48. Irregular bleeding for 2014. Exam normal 9-14. Just perimenopause? Off pill 11-13-6-14 per md. Md put me back on 7-14 till now. What to do?

Probably perimenopau. At 48 the most likely cause is the perimenopause. Low dose birth control pills are certainly one way to manage this as is cyclic progestational therapy, or even endometrial ablation or a Mirena (levonorgestrel) IUD. The choice depends on you and your particular risk factors and type of bleeding (heavy, light, prolonged, or just unpredictable). Hope this helps. Read more...

How many years of irregular bleeding from vagina should one have in perimenopause?

No easy answer. Irregular bleeding should be evaluated by your doctor. Most often this is a benign problem but cancer has to be ruled out. Once this is accomplished correction of the bleeding problem can usually be corrected. Read more...