Why do people say birth control pills are abortifacient?

Uninformed. Most people are not aware of reproductive endocrinology and how medications work.

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Can birth control pills be abortifacients?

No. Birth control pills prevent pregnancy, they are contraceptives. This is true for the morning after pill. Abortifacients are different, they cause a pregnancy to miscarry by affecting the placenta or Progesterone levels. Mifepristone (ru 486) is an abortifacient. Birth control pills do not cause abortion!

What birth control pills are considered abortifacients?

There are none. Birth control pills are not considered abortifacient. Planb etc...Is still preventive option, not abortive. In general, the pills/injectible contraceptives prevent ovulation and thus controlling unwanted pregnancy. Once pregnant, excessive hormones/pills may cause miscarriage/birth defect etc. They are not used as abortive agent. Consult doc. Good luck.

Why don't people understand the abortifacient effects of birth control pills?

Because they aren't. Birth control pills, even morning after pills are not abortifacients. They are contraceptives. This is commonly misunderstood. An egg can be fertilized in the fallopian tube, if it does not implant it is not an abortion or miscarriage, it is a contracepted event, not a pregnancy.

Why do so many doctors tell patients that birth-control pills take a month to be effective? The leaflets say one week, and I assume they're accurate.

Knowing how they wrk. To work, the pill or injected hormones try to prevent ovulation (egg release) by making your body think it is pregnant. If you ovulate just before you start the pill, or before your body accepts the ruse, you can get pregnant if exposed. Since your doc wants you to avoid pregnancy, a month of backup protection is advised. The med might work earlier for some, but you don't want to be the exception.

Confused-are birth control pills 99% effective after 1 week? Pamphlet says back-up for 7 days but people are saying it takes a month? Loestrin 1/20

Not a month. You are certainly "safe" (1%failure rate when used correctly) well before one month. The one week wait is probably sufficient. I usually advise a two week wait, but this is most likely being overly cautious. However, getting pregnant when you don't want to be is a big deal.
A month. Birth control works by preventing you from ovulating. If you ovulated before starting birth control, the egg can stay in transit and still be fertilized despite being on birth control. It usually won't stay viable longer than two weeks, but you can overlap with barrier birth control for 4 weeks to be safe.

Why do birth control pills side effects say weight gain but some doctors say only the shot. ..But plenty of women complain about bc pill weight gain?

Varies. The pill will cause some cyclic variation in fluid retention. That would appear to cause weight gain. That fluid retention would wax and wane with the cycle, so the gain would wax and wane as well with no cumulative net gain over time. Women who gain weight over time are ingesting more calories than they are burning and those calories do not come from the birth control pill.

Is it really ok to continue birth control pills daily (not missing a day). I had endometriomas, it shrunk, but doctor says to still drink pill daily.

Absolutely! The most common reason 4 taking BCPs is to avoid a pregnancy. But you have another reason-to control the growth of ectopic ectopic endometrial tissue in your abdomen. If you stop taking the pills the endometrial tissue will likely regrow and cause you pain. Take them!