Related Questions

Can birth control pills be abortifacients?

No. Birth control pills prevent pregnancy, they are contraceptives. This is true for the morning after pill. Abortifacients are different, they cause a pregnancy to miscarry by affecting the placenta or Progesterone levels. Mifepristone (ru 486) is an abortifacient. Birth control pills do not cause abortion!

What birth control pills are considered abortifacients?

There are none. Birth control pills are not considered abortifacient. Planb etc...Is still preventive option, not abortive. In general, the pills/injectible contraceptives prevent ovulation and thus controlling unwanted pregnancy. Once pregnant, excessive hormones/pills may cause miscarriage/birth defect etc. They are not used as abortive agent. Consult doc. Good luck.

Why do people say birth control pills are abortifacient?

Uninformed. Most people are not aware of reproductive endocrinology and how medications work.

Why don't people understand the abortifacient effects of birth control pills?

Because they aren't. Birth control pills, even morning after pills are not abortifacients. They are contraceptives. This is commonly misunderstood. An egg can be fertilized in the fallopian tube, if it does not implant it is not an abortion or miscarriage, it is a contracepted event, not a pregnancy.

Are all birth control pills the same?

No. Different pills have different doses of estrogen/progesterone. Your doctor may choose the type that best suits you and may also help with additional symptoms that you may be experiencinge. G. Acne excessive hair growth etc.

How effective is birth control pills?

BCP. Birth control pills if they are used as prescribed are 99% effective with perfect use and 92% effective with typical use.

How effective are birth control pills?

95-99% Depending on the pill type, most oral contraceptives are effective in the high 90's percentages. However, it also depends on compliance by the user - miss doses and efficacy quickly drops. While 99% sounds pretty good, that still means about 1 pregnancy in 100 women per year, and if you are that 1 pregnancy, you may not be very happy. The only 100% effective form of birth control is abstinence.