Whats the pregnancy risk if you have sex on your period?

Low but not zero. You can get pregnant when you ovulate. It would be rare to ovulate during a regular menstrual cycle. However, some people have irregular bleeding can can be ovulating while they are bleeding to be safe, use protection.
Depends. It should be low, but it depends on your age (the older the lower the risk), your period's predictability/regularity and your luck. You could ovulate early and still conceive from sex during your menses because the spermatozoa survive for up to 5 days in your genital tract.

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Had unprotexted sex for 2 minutes. He didn't finish. Finished period 3 days ago. Inserted spermicide half hour after intercourse. Huge pregnancy risk?

Consider Plan B. There is a descent chance of getting pregnant in this situation. However, you can avoid pregnancy by taking Plan B. Its available over the counter in most states. The sooner you take it the more effective it is. It doesn't cause an abortion. It simply delays ovulation. Most Birth Control pills can also be used as a Plan B if you know what to do. Ask if you want to know. Best wishes. Read more...

Is it possible to ovulate but after that miss your period? There was no pregnancy risk so it's not because of pregnancy.

Probably not. When you ovulate, your period should come on 14 days later if you're not pregnant. If you missed a period and aren't pregnant, either you didn't ovulate or there was a delay. . Read more...