I had unprotected sex and started my period later on the same day, is there still a pregnancy risk?

Always At Risk. In this case the risk would be very low, but there is alway a risk. Any time you are having sex, you need to consider the possibility of getting pregnant. If you do not want to get pregnant, then you need to do what ever you can to minimize (reduce) the risk of getting pregnant or not have sex at all.
Yes. There is always a chance for pregnancy or std's with unprotected intercourse. It is a good idea to use two methods. Barrier contraception as well as something longer acting that is not dependent on taking a daily medication. Good long term option safe iud's and nexplanon.

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After my period I restarted the next packet of pills. Is there a pregnancy risk if I had unprotected sex 3 days later?

Risk is small. If the pill was started within 6 days from the onset of the period, it is highly unlikey that you were at the fertile window. If the pill was started too late in the cycle, then the chance of pregnancy increases. Read more...

Unprotected sex for few min. He didn't climax. Put in spermicide half hour later. Also 3 days after period. Huge pregnancy risk?

Risk. There I'd definitely some risk but it is not huge. Just because you probably lucked out this time does not mean that that will continue to be the case. You need to see someone and begin a reliable method of contraception and use condoms to decrease the risk of STDs. If your period is late, it would also be a good idea to do a pregnancy test. The stress of worrying can make your period late. . Read more...