Is there a medicine for the early stage of traction alopecia?

Find root cause and. Finding the root cause of the hair loss is first. Is it low thyroid, elevated dihydrotestosterone, gluten sensitivity, autoimmunity, infection or other. All of these issues need to be ruled-out then addressed appropriately.

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What is the cure for traction alopecia?

Alopecia. Before doing anything else about traction alopecia I would recommend that you see your hairstylist to help you through this. If that isn't possible or doesn't work out, the next choice would be to see a dermatologist. It would not be unreasonable to see that doctor first.

Could wearing hat for long time cause traction alopecia or faster progress of mpb?

Alopecia. Yes, wearing a hat long time can speed up hair loss, but at your age there may be other causes. No hurry, but you should see your at your earliest convenience.

I have traction alopecia. Are topical steroids help?

Maybe. Injections of dilute steroids can help regrow hair in some people. I usually do this at one month intervals. It is essential that you change hair style along with steroids and topical minoxidl.