Can you get your period if you are pregnant?

Yes. If you are married and do not want to have a new or second or third around then you better stay protected. If you are not married then hopefully it doesnt matter.
Mostly no. But sometimes there is a little bleeding in the first or second week of pregnancy after the implantation of the future fetus in the uterine wall but this can be very light bleeding that does not last long and does not happen in every case either.

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Can you get your period when you are pregnant?

No! While some women have some bleeding while pregnant, it cannot be a period. The only way to have a period is to not be pregnant.

Where do I find high risk doctor and can you get your period when you re pregnant?

See below. You can't have your period while pregnant, but you can bleed while pregnant. Up to 30% of pregnant women will bleed at the time of their expected period because of implantation bleeding. This is bleeding due to the baby attaching to the wall of the womb. The mother often mistates this for her period. Get a referral from your family doctor.
Perinatologist. A high risk obstetrician is called a perinatologist. Some say, the best care is available at a major university medical center which is associated with a medical school. Good luck.

Can you still get your period if you are pregnant?

Imagine. No. Imagine a fetus, smaller than a speck of dust, trying to grow in the blood in the uterus and then the blood flows out of the cervix. Where is the fetus then? Viable pregnancy stops vaginal bleeding!