What is the best medicated shampoo for head lice?

1% Lindane shampoo. Two treatments, a week apart, provide a good result. In case of treatment failure (resistant lice), Malathion should be considered.

Related Questions

Is there a way to get rid of head lice without medicated shampoo?

Yes. There are many unproven methods you can try; mayonnaise, eucerin cream with a hair drier, tea tree oil, and many more you can find on the internet. The only fool proof method I know that doesn't involve medicines is to shave the head. Lice require a hair length of at least half and inch to lay their eggs (nits) and reproduce.

Will medicated shampoos work on head lice?

Head lice. Usually yes. In some cases cutting the hair may be needed. Remember the shampoo will have to used daily for quite some time.

Can you get rid of head lice with medicated shampoos?

Yes. Rid, and other over the counter shampoos for lice work in most cases. Eggs are harder to get rid of. Wide tooth comb with vinegar on cotton ball will help remove eggs.

I'm suffering from head lice and nits since 12 years. I have tried mediker shampoo and oil but it's of no use. I need a proper remedy to get rid of it?

Lice. You can sleep with your hair smothered in mayonnaise - that can suffocate them. You can get a prescription for Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) from your doctor. That kills the bacteria in the lice's gut, and in turn kills them.