With Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome is it ok to have mac anesthesia.?

Of course. During the Pre-Anesthesia testing appointment the anesthesiologist will help you answer these questions. It is a good idea to bring any documents that describe your additional health history and your medication list.
Yes. Wolff parkinson white syndrome is a re-entry tachycardia that is treatable by medication of ablation. The syndrome in itself is not a contraindication to light sedation, but you need to make sure your anesthesia provider knows about the disease, and is prepared to treat any tachycardias that may occur during the surgery. Ask your cardiologists opinion before you go to surgery.
Yes. Make sure you have a preop visit with your anesthesiologist and you get a preop EKG performed.
Yes. It is safe as long as you are properly monitored. Definitely let your anesthesiologist know about your WPW syndrome.