What can you tell me about rocuronium use in anethesia?

Muscle relaxant. Rocuronium is a muscle relaxant, or paralyzing agent used in anesthesia. It is used to facilitate intubation at the beginning of surgery, and then also used to help the surgeon during the operation.
Muscle relaxant. Anesthesiologist uses rocuronium (zemuron) intravenously to paralyze muscles after patient is fully asleep, it helps with intubation and relaxes patient's muscles during surgery, which is sometimes required by the surgeon. Under certain conditions rocuronium effects can be reversed with other medications. Can be used only by trained and licensed professionals.
Neuromuscular . This agent is one of many neuromuscular paralytics employed in surgery, and affects a chemical called acetylcholine which mediates nerve/ muscle communication. It is a relatively short acting agent which promotes relaxation during surgery.