Are neuromuscular blockers and anesthesia the same thing?

No. Neuromuscular blocking agents (nmbs) are one of the components of general anesthesia, but you require many more medications to complete the job. Nmbs facilitate the placement of an endotracheal tube, and improves operating conditions for the surgeon. They do not put or keep you asleep.
No. Neuromuscular blockers are not the same thing as anesthesia. They are adjuncts of general anesthesia (used in conjunction with and in addition to, general anesthetics). They are used to facilitate muscle relaxation during the surgical procedure, especially during abdominal surgery.
Neuromuscular blocke. No they are not. Neuromuscular blocker is used to produce muscle relaxation. It may or may not be used under general anesthesia. Neuromuscular blocker produces paralysis that is reversible.