How do I get my doctor to prescribe narcotic pain meds? My chronic pain is real!

See pain specialist. Many docs are uncomfortable dealing with chronic pain, in part because of fear of attracting/creating drug addicts & because state medical boards punitively regulate pain med prescribing. Seek a certified specialist in chronic pain (see http://www.Painmed.Org) & also consider a holistic md who will be interested in you as a whole person & seek to treat the cause of your pain (see www.Abihm.Org/).

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Can you suggest a means to get my doctor to prescribe narcotic pain meds for my very real chronic pain?

Wrong attitude. Opioids exist for a reason but 1) there are risks and 2) pain management is like weight loss: it works best when you and a treating clinician collaborate in good faith on an individualized treatment plan based on a thorough evaluation of both your individual profile and available treatment options. If your md flatly refuses to rx opioids you think you need, only thing to do is find someone else. Read more...