Can you get malignant hyperthermia from smoking weed?

Not likely. Not if you are using only cannibis. This symdrome occurs potentially with any substance that blocks dopamine.

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Where can I get the warning aids for malignant hyperthermia?

Check online. Or with your local health department. If you have schools with athletic programs nearby they may also have lists of symptoms and avoidance techniques.

My children are 4 generations removed from fatal malignant hyperthermia reaction, should I get them medic alert bracelets?

I would not. I would only include it as pertinent hx if undergoing general anesthesia and again state 4 generations ago. I do not think the anesthesiologist would do anything different but be more vogilent and refresh their protocols.
Testing. The best method of assessing for malignant hyperthermia is by performing a caffeine Halothane contracture test with a muscle biopsy. Please speak with your physician regarding this issue.