Is local anesthesia the same thing as IV sedation?

Very Different. Local anesthesia involves injection of numbing medication into an area requiring surgery. As the name implies, it is only effective in this local area. Iv sedation describes the intravenous administration of medication to relax and sedate a surgical patient. These two techniques are complementary to one another and often used together.
No. Local anesthesia is numbing medication, like lidocaine, used to anesthetize a small area of skin or a single finger or toe. IV sedation are IV meds like Midazolam or fentanyl (and others) that are used to relax a pt or change their perception of mold pain. .
No. Local anesthesia is an injection of medication into a specific part of the body. This injection numbs that area but has no effect on the rest of the body. Iv sedation is an intravenous medication, of some variety, that is used to provide relaxation of the entire body.
Alternative. Oral conscious sedation is a safe alternative to IV sedation. It is an effective way to manage anxiety. It is used along with numbing, and patients usually do not remember the procedure.