Is it ok to get wisdom teeth pulled under local anesthesia?

Yes. Wisdom teeth can be removed under local anesthesia alone. However, the removal of wisdom teeth, especially impacted wisdom teeth can be more comfortably be performed under some type of sedation in conjunction with local anesthesia.
Very common. Extraction is a serious surgical procedure and the appropriate anesthesia depends on the complexity of the surgery and your own comfort zone. With the profound local anesthesia and IV sedation you will have no recall of the events of the surgery or experience any pain. In many cases only local is used. Good luck.
Local anesthesia. Local anesthesia (novocaine) is sufficient to prevent pain during any dental procedure including wisdom tooth removal.
Talk to Dentist. Most teeth extractions can be done under local anesthesia with a cooperative patient. If there are especially impacted teeth then some sedation might be indicated. It is rare that a full general anesthetic would be needed for dental extraction. If you have concerns please contact your dentist and discuss these fears with him. Good luck.

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