What is mitral valve disease like?

Mitral valve. The mitral valve has to open properly to let blood flow into the left ventricle from the atrium. If it doesn't, we call this stenosis. It has to close to keep the blood flowing toward the body, if it doesn't we call this regurgitation or insufficiency. Either or both problems can exist with the valve if its abnormal. Insufficiency is more common.
Mitral Valve Disease. There is no one condition as mitral valve disease, but having said that, these are the common mitral valve conditions 1mitral valve prolapse inthis condition thickened leaflet of mitral valve is prolapsed in the left atrium and there are various types of that as well 2 mitral regurgitation blood leaks back in the left atrium 3mitral valve stenosis in this mv opening is narrowed rx varies on conditi.