How to I manage converting from hydrocodone/vicodin to fentanyl patch?

Narcotics. Medication change needs to be done by a doctor. If you would like to have hydrocodone changed to fentanyl patch, please discuss it with your doctor. Please do not do it by yourself.
Its your. Doctor's job, but does depend on how much hydrocodone/acetomenophen you are using in 24 hours, and how much pain you have. Problem with vicodin es, is that it blends 7.5 hydro with 750 acetomenophen-- cannot double up because tylenol (acetaminophen) od. Commonly start with 25microgram fentanyl, and see how much breakthrough med is needed.

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What is the strongest med.: percocet, fentanyl patch, dilaudid, or norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen)?

Strongest opiate. Fentanyl is the strongest followed by dilaudid, Percocet and narco. However, over time every opiate produces tolerance and withdrawals if stopped abruptly. They are usually never a long term solution for chronic non cancer pain. Fentanyl hsbc a black box warning to be used only for cancer pain in a patch form. It is used IV for intra operative pain during surgery.
Thanks for asking! Depends on dose and mode of administration. Iv administered narcotics are most potent. As for dosage, fentanyl is the most potent of the listed medication.