What happends if you give a patient, with a closed head injury hetastarch?

Agree w Dr. Gitelman. Hetastarch (Hespan / hydroxyethyl startch) is a starch that is used to expand plasma. It has been used to ^ plasma volume related to shock (trauma, surgery, severe bleeding, etc). It may be useful in some situations related to closed head injury. Use of Hetastarch may be contraindicated with kidney disease, congestive heart failure or a bleeding disorder.
May be helpful. Hetastarch is used to increase blood volume during surgery or after trauma. It is not a substitute for blood or plasma, but can help to support blood pressure. A side effect is that it can reduce blood clotting. However, studies looking at its use in humans and animals after head injury have suggested that it seemed to be better than using saline or similar salt type solutions for this purpose.