How long do the effects of general anesthesia last after the srugery is over?

Several hours. Most patients are awake almost immediately after anesthesia. However, the effects last several hours making the patient's sleepy and groggy. Often patients have no memory of being in recovery room, and this is the lingering effects of the anesthesia. This situation is compounded by the pain medications/narcotics that you will have after the surgery.
It depends on . The drug choices, your age andhealth, and the type of surgery. Typically, the longer the anesthetic, the longer the recovery.
Brief. Usually most all effects of a general anesthetic resolve in minutes of surgery. There can be some longer side effects of tiredness or groggy feeling. But your ability to breathe normally resolves nearly immediately. Longer surgery times with longer anesthetics can take a little more time to recover, but not much more. This also depends on if you have any underlying medical or lung conditions.