What kind of inhalation anesthetic may be administered for dental surgery?

Different types. If inhalation anesthetic is being considered for very minor dental surgery, nitrous oxide is the most common. In more extensive oral and maxillofacial surgeries performed in the hospital, your anesthesiologist will choose the best type of anesthetic depending on length of procedure, your medical history, current health, and medications. Keep smiling.
Any kind can be used. Almost any kind of inhalation anesthetic agent can be used for oral surgery. However, the most popular inhalation agent used, due to its safety and ease of administration, is nitrous oxide, usually used in conjunction with intravenous agents, such as ultra-fast acting barbiturates for induction, parasympathetic blockers for drying, and bezodiazepines for anxiety and as an amnesic.
Dental. Usually a oral surgeon will use laughing gas or versed.Depends on your oral surgeon.

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I will be in a dental surgery of two hours, how long does the effect of a local anesthetic?

Local anesthetics. Local anesthesia normally lasts from 30 minutes to 4 hours. This depends upon which local anesthetics are used, whether it is an infiltration or block injection and your own metabolism. There are some long acting local anesthetics that last up to 12 hours. Read more...

Can you tell me in a dental surgery of two hours, how long does the effect of a local anesthetic?

At least. Local anesthetic will last as long as necessary to complete your treatment and for a period of time after. Dentists have different local anesthetics to choose from, and will pick the appropriate one for your procedure. Read more...