How much risk if there for a healthy person to have general anesthesia?

Very little risk. I tell all my healthy patients undergoing general anesthesia that it is without a doubt safer than driving home! for a healthy individual, general anesthesia is extremely safe. The risks of anesthesia for a healthy patient are mostly related to nausea/vomiting and oral trauma (cut lip, dental damage, etc.). Rarely, an otherwise healthy patient can have an allergic reaction to one of the drugs.
Very Safe. The risk of general anesthesia (ga) is less than that of driving to the hospital to have the operation. Ga is thought to have a risk of death of one in 350, 000 cases or more. Advances in monitoring, medical training, drugs and support have greatley decreased the risk. The main concerns after ga are usually nausea and vomiting post operatively.
Local is safer. It's always safer to have a procedure done with local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia if possible. There is always higher risk of cardiac and pulmonary complications when having general anesthesia.