Waht are the complications of an inadvertent dural puncture with epidural anesthesia?

Level? Most frequent complication is spinal headache which can be treated with epidural blood patch. If the epidural placement is above lumbar level, although very low risk, spinal cord can be penetrated, which can cause neuro deficit. If epidural catheter placed and migrates to spinal space severe hypotension or complete spinal can occur and it can require control of the airway until spinal wears off.
Dural puncture. Most commonly is dural puncture headache requiring an epidural blood patch. Spinal anesthetic may result if the catheter is still used and local anesthesia is given.
Headache. The most concerning complication after an inadvertent dural puncture is a postural headache. That is a headache that gets worse when you sit or stand, but is improved when you lie down. It is a self-loimiting problem that usually clears with in a week. However, it can be miserable for the patient. Your anesthesiologist can treat this.