Can you explain epiglottitis?

Infection. Very rare infection of epiglottis,flap of cartilage tissue covered with mucous membrane, attached to the entrance of the larynx, blocking entrance of food into airway when swallowing.Since vaccination for hemophilus influenza even rarer.Most common organism causing epiglottitis now is streptococcus pneumoniae.Other organisms include parainfluenzae, varicella-zoster,herpes simplex. Mainly children.
Inflammation. of the epiglottis in your throat caused by an infection that can be diagnosed by symptoms and signs and X-ray. It must be examined though in a hospital operating room as manipulation can cause severe respiratory obstruction.
Epiglottitis. Epiglottitis is infection of the epiglottis. During this process, the epiglottis becomes inflamed and swollen causing a croup type of cough. It is caused by bacteria called hemophilus influenzae type b or hib. It is a severe infection and often causes difficulty or even stoppage of breathing which necessitates endotracheal intubation or tracheostomy (tube inserted into the windpipe).