How is hypothyroidism diagnosed?

Blood test. By measuring your thyroid levels along with TSH your physician can have enough data to rule in or rule out hypothyroidism. If your family history is positive for thyroid disease, you may ask for thyroid antibodies to be checked as well.
Lab work. You can diagnose hypothyroid by the combination of symptoms, physical signs, and most importantly, lab works.

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25y/o male w/prolactinoma. Thyroid bloodwork normal. Doc says thyroid slightly swollen. Body temp 97.5 oral/feel cold a lot. How is hypothyroid diagnose?

Thyroid prolactin. Hypothyroid is diagnosed with thyroid blood tests. You would expect an elevated TSH and a low free t4. There is an interaction between thyroid and prolactin. If you are hypothyroid and have an elevated tsh, this will raise the prolactin; correcting the thyroid will normalize the prolactin. But this may not apply to you. The "swollen thyroid" may be separate. See your endocrinologist. Read more...