Is there a difference between a cardiologist and a vascular surgeon?

Oh my, yes! I agree that the lines of distinction have become blurred due to the rapid adoption of catheter, balloon and stent techniques by vascular surgeons, known as endovascular surgery, but vascular surgeon also have been trained to perform open surgical procedures in the operating room such as carotid endarterectomy, femoral to popliteal artery bypass, open aneurysm repair and more.
Huge Difference. There is a huge difference between a cardiologist ; a vascular surgeon. A cardiologist does not have any formal surgery training. A cardiologist is a internal medicine doctor who has done additional training in heart conditions. A vascular surgeon is a blood vessel specialist who specializes in treating diseases of arteries ; veins and performs vascular ; vein interventions. Cardiology = heart.

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What is the difference between a Cardiologist and a Vascular Surgeon? What are their roles?

Cardiologist. is an internist who specializes in heart disorders. Some cardiologists perform invasive procedures, such as angioplasty, stents, artificial valves, pacemakers, and other devices, but mainly in the heart. A peripheral vascular surgeon is a surgeon who specializes in surgical and procedural treatment of blood vessels, mainly arteries, away from the heart. Sometimes their expertise overlap. Read more...
Very different. Cardiologist = heart specialist. Vascular Surgeon = blood vessel specialist. Cardiologists are internal medicine doctors with additional heart training. Vascular surgeons are surgeons with additional surgical / medical training in blood vessel diseases of the arteries & veins. Cardiologist don't operate, but often do heart catheter procedures. Vascular surgeons do stents, PTA, & surgeries. Read more...