What is a magnetic resonance venogram used for?

Evaluates veins. Good way of evaluating veins from head to legs. See radiologyinfo.Org for more details.
Pelvic vein problems. Most of the time a mrv is used to look for varicose veins or blockage of the veins in the pelvis. These problems can cause varicose veins in the legs.
Image Veins. MR venogram is an imaging study that is used to investigate the veins. It is done in an MRI machine.
?body part? Mr venography can give us a noninvasive assessment of veins - often including te direction of flow. The major use in the female pelvis is to evaluate for ovarian vein insufficiency (aka pelvic congestion). In the chest it can be used to sort out where the great veins may be narrowed. Mr can give more information than ct, but in many cases ct is also a good option.