Can a phlebotomist perform a venipuncture on an ankle vein?

Ankle veins. Blood can be drawn from an ankle vein as well as from a leg vein. The first line of blood drawing is always the hand or forearm but occasionally this is not possible. in some circumstances blood can even be drawn from the groin or neck but this should only be done by a physician and this is usually done in the hospital. A phlebologist should be able to draw blood from the hand, forearm or ankle.
Pedal Venipuncture . Venipuncture can be performed on the veins foot but this is very rarely done. The veins behind the ankle are not the best candidates because of their close proximity to the artery that supplies the foot. If done, it is usually a vein on the top of the foot that is easy to visualize and access.
Yes, but... Typically tehre's no need to and its much easier to do it elsewhere.