Can hypothyroidism be cured?

Not usually. Occasionally, hypothyroidism is caused by a temporary condition such as thyroiditis, or inflammation of the thyroid gland. Such cases usually do resolve, and the thyroid goes back to making normal amounts of thyroid hormone. Most of the time, however, the thyroid gland makes less and less thyroid hormone over time, and lifelong treatment with thyroid hormone is needed.
Rarely . Hypothyroidism can be primary - caused by a weak thyroid gland or secondary to other hormonal problems, like a pituitary problem. Or your thyroid can become dysfunctional secondary to high insulin, estrogen or cortisol. If you have functional hypothyroidism, this problem can possibly be fixed by fixing the underlying hormonal problem. More often, you will need to take thyroid replacement.
Depends. It depends on how severe it is as well as the reason one is hypothyroid. If due to a deficiency such as iodine, chances are good. If due to environmental toxicity, it depends on how well you can detox and how well your thyroid recovers. If due to autoimmune problems, it depends on how well that can be controlled.

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Can hypothyroidism be cure?

Thyroid failure. Nope. Not yet. The only option is to be on simple thyroid replacement medication daily. Read more...

What to do about hypothyroidism can be cured completely and never return?

Treat . Hi. The most common cause of hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, can't be cured, but it's very easily and perfectly treated with thyroid hormone replacement. There is a more rare temporary inflammation of the thyroid that involves a hypothyroid phase that heals on its own. But the common one that lasts is Hashimoto's, and it requires lifelong thyroid hormone replacement. Good luck! Read more...

How can I cure hypothyroid? What can I eat to get better without medication? Can I stop taking levothyroxin 100 mcg I'm losing bunches of hair.

Probably not. B"sd depending on cause hypothyroidism is typically permanent, but in cases thyroid function returns. The later is usualy to a form of thyroiditis (inflammation). For most cases the thyroid must be replaced - otherwise weight gain, cognitive impairment etc, etc may ensue. Hair loss occurs when thyroid levels are changing - as in dose adjustment. Once normal, loss stops and new hair comes in. Read more...