Has anyone ever treated a pinguecula?

No. A pinguecula is a non-cancerous growth on the conjunctiva of the eye. Usually no treatment is needed, but if necessary there are eye drops your doctor may use to treat it. If necessary, an eye specialist can remove this surgically as well.
Rarely. Most pinguecula, a normal response to wind, dust and uv light and small and asymptomatic. Rarely they can be quite large and unsightly and can be removed. They will regrow a little but usually not to the very large size that was the cause for removal. Most are best left alone.
Pinguecula. A pinguecula, which is a deposit/build up on the white part of the eye (sclera) due to uv light and dryness of the eyes. You can use artificial tears, and use a cap and/or sunglasses when outdoors. If it gets large, constantly irritated (red), or grows over the cornea, you may need medicated drops or surgery.