Does yag laser have good results in post cataract opacification surgery?

Yes. Depending on the opacification (cloudiness) of the posterior capsule, how much you notice the results. If the yag procedure is done correctly the post cataract opacification and symptoms from it should be 100% resolved.
Yes excellent. This procedure is excellent for capsular opacity is low risk and well tolerated with quick recovery.

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Had yag laser 4 months after cataract extraction two weeks ago. Since then suffering periods of blurry vision. Feels like something in eye.

Vitreous debris. When you do a yag capsulotomy you are removing part of the capsular bag that normally holds the lens in place. That membrane will usually fall into te back of the eye and out of sight. But sometimes it floats in the back of the eye and can occasionally cloud the vision. It still could get better. See your ophthalmologists and confirm what's happening.
Should see surgeon. Blurry vision after yag could range from mild (dry eye) to serious conditions (lens dislocation or other complication). You should let your surgeon know and probably be seen.

Can you tell me about yag laser used on eyes after a crystalens implant surgery?

Yag laser. During cataract surgey, the back part of the cataract is left in the eye to support the artificial lens implant. Over time, this support may haze over. If so, the yag laser can be applied to the eye, in the office or outpatient center. The laser clears, or dissolves the vision obscuring portion of the remaining cataract. Thus restoring the vision to the early postoperative state.
YAG after Crystalens. YAG capsulotomy’s outcomes are highly predictable & good results thus can provide immediate visual improvements in most cases. I generally wait at least 3 months before performing a selective YAG capsulotomy depending on where the capsular opacification is located. The YAG helps the Crystalens move again if bound down by the opacification.