Can I get vitamin a toxicity?

Skin, membranes,more. Vitamin a, a fat-soluble vitamin, important for healthy teeth, bones, skin, mucous membranes. 2 forms, retinol, yellow pigment in animal foods (butter, eggs, cheese); carotenes, orange pigment in plant foods. A deficiency can cause difficulty seeing in low light conditions; increased susceptibility to infections in children + retarded growth.Too much vit a, anorexia, dry skin, insomnia, anemia.
Yes. Vitamin a is fat soluble as such it is stored in the liver and not excreted daily. It builds up in the liver. The very things it helps are hurt by excesses of a. Liver, brain, bones are the primary problem areas of excess vit a. Hypertension and pseudo tumor cerebri occur frequently with vit a overdose.